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Personality Styles and Management Success

Updated: Jan 2

There isn’t one right way to manage, just as there isn’t one personality style that is more suited to effective leadership than another. People with all kinds of management styles and personalities can be effective in supervisory roles. The key to success as a supervisor lies with knowing and understanding your own management style while also adapting to your employees’ personalities.

No Right or Wrong Style

There isn’t a particular personality style that is right – or wrong! – for managers to have. Instead, you need to know what your natural management style is and how it impacts the way you approach individual employees. Depending on your style – and the personality styles of your employees, you will naturally have a fairly easy time in some supervisory situations, but you will have to push yourself to work a little harder in others.

Get to Know Your Style

The best way to develop an understanding of your natural management style is by using a validated tool like the Everything DiSC Management assessment. You can complete the assessment on its own and receive a customized profile specific to your personal management style. To further enhance your knowledge and ability, you can include an individual debrief session or have all your managers participate in a full Everything DiSC Management workshop.

The DiSC personality assessment as a long history, but Everything DiSC Management isn’t the same as other DiSC tools – this particular one is specific to one-to-one management situations. There are different Everything DiSC versions for other needs, including leadership, general workplace relationships, and sales assessments. Each provides personal feedback specific to your style and role within the organization.

Identifying Your Management Tendencies

Paired with individual or group training, the Everything DiSC Management assessment is a powerful solution to helping managers reach their potential. It provides insights into a manager’s individual personality style using the DiSC concept.

The profile you receive will tell you where your natural tendencies fall along the DiSC spectrum (dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness) and help you understand your specific strengths and challenges in your day-to-day supervisory job. Armed with this information as a starting point, you’ll gain insight into how your style impacts others around you and get direct feedback on steps that will help you improve your management interactions and results.

Manage to Individual Style Differences

Understanding your own style is only a starting point, as effective managers also know how to adapt to the personality styles of other people. A ‘cookie cutter’ management style might get the job done, but it most likely won’t help you reach the full potential of your team. It can even be demotivating for some.

Everything DiSC Management will provide you with a simple framework for reading other people’s styles, which will help you determine how to best communicate with the individual team in light of their style and preferences. This will allow you to learn how to stretch beyond your comfort zone to meet the needs of your employees based on their individual differences and in return get better results.

Ready to Grow as a Manager?

Contact us at or 423.380.8235 if you’d like to take an Everything DiSC Management assessment or to learn how to schedule Everything DiSC Management assessments and training for the supervisors and managers in your organization.

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