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Popular Workshops

We provide a wide variety of corporate training workshops for leaders, managers, and employees, including the topics listed below.

Contact us to schedule a training program, presentation, or series of courses for your group, or register online for an open enrollment class.​

Supervisory Success Workshop: Managing to Individual Styles

Using the Everything DiSC® Management assessment, this personalized, interactive learning experience provides managers and supervisors at all levels with unique insights into their own management style and teaches a simple people-reading technique to help take the mystery out of the real-world challenge of effectively managing team members with very different personalities and needs.

Management Essentials

Are you a new supervisor? Having you been managing for a while but could benefit from a refresher on the foundations of supervision? Are you thinking about stepping up to a supervisory role? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, our Management Essentials course is for you. Gain insights into the art and science of management that will help you improve your skills as a supervisor. Learn key skills for management success, ranging from basic managerial functions to what employees expect and need from supervisors, as well as some benefits and drawbacks of being the boss.

Leadership Insights: Practical Solutions Tailored to Your Style

Complete an Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment as pre-work, then utilize your customized profile in this highly interactive workshop focused on helping you discover your unique leadership strengths and areas of opportunity so you can grow as a leader, all within a practical framework leaders at all levels can easily apply to move toward leadership best practices.

Leadership Essentials

Management and leadership are two entirely different things. Many people function as supervisors without exhibiting the traits that position them as leaders with their staff members and peers within their organizations. Leadership is an intangible quality, yet it is key component of professional success. Attend our Leadership Essentials seminar for key skills that will help you become a more effective leader. Topics covered include the nature of effective leadership, leadership styles, servant leadership, and the role of power and influence.

How to Be a Better Team Member (5B PD)

Leveraging the power of teamwork and building a cohesive team starts with each employee. This unique team development solution combines Five Behaviors® Personal Development assessments for each participant with a powerful, interactive workshop that redefines teamwork and collaboration and empowers individuals to be better team members, ultimately leading to stronger, more productive teams and improved organizational results.

Workplace Coaching Skills for Leaders

If your employees perceive you solely as a “boss” – and not as a coach, that can set the stage for an adversarial dynamic in the relationship that can keep employees and teams from reaching their full potential. It's important for employees to view their boss as a coach who is committed to helping them grow and develop while also looking out for the best interests of the overall team and the organization. Attend this session and get practical, concrete strategies you can apply to develop an appropriate coach-employee relationship with those you are tasked with leading.

Navigating Generational Differences in the Workplace

Generational diversity is fact of the modern workplace. Each generation is unique – just as each person is unique. The key to building a positive, productive workforce where people of all generations are valued for their own individual contributions starts with understanding – and this requires getting to know key differences among the generations, such as formative influences and their impact of characteristics, and workplace behaviors. Attend this informative session and learn to recognize and appreciate the value and unique contributions of each generation.

Influence Skills for Leaders

Influence is essential to being viewed as an effective leader, and it’s also an important key to making a strategic impact within your organization. People who are able to influence others – with or without formal authority – are in a unique position to distinguish themselves as strategic professionals who can have a real impact on organizational outcomes. Influence begins with establishing credibility, building effective relationships, and communicating for influence. Attend Influence Skills for Leaders for practical tips you can immediately apply.

Employee Feedback That Works

Providing feedback to employees – positive and negative – is a vital part of every management job. Being able to give effective feedback to employees is a skill that every supervisor needs to master, and that’s exactly what you’ll learn as a result of attending our Employee Feedback That Works class. It’s essential for mangers to let employees know when they’re doing a good job and to let them know when improvement is needed, as well as to provide encouragement along this way. Attend this informative class and get practical tips and suggestions that you can immediately apply.

Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

Our Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict workshop includes an individualized behavioral assessment and provides a personalized, highly interactive learning experience focused on increasing self-awareness of learners' natural conflict tendencies so they can learn how to more effectively respond to the uncomfortable and inevitable challenge of workplace conflict. Participants will discover how to apply practical strategies to curb destructive conflict responses, which can ultimately help boost productivity and improve workplace results and relationships.

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