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Corporate Training

From industry-standard behavioral assessments and related workshops and/or coaching to courses and webinars created by our expert professional trainers who have significant real-world business experience, Inside Insights provides an extensive selection of learning and development solutions for leaders, managers, employees, and teams.

Management and Leadership Training

Inside Insights offers an extensive management training and leadership development curriculum that includes a variety of seminars and workshops for managers and leaders at all levels, as well as high potentials who are preparing to step up to supervisory roles. In addition to on-site corporate training for managers and leaders, we also offer several convenient online management training classes and online leadership development programs.   


Team Development

Teamwork is an organization's ultimate source of competitive advantage. As an authorized partner for The Five Behaviors, we use industry-standard assessments paired with expert facilitation to guide organizations through the process of developing strong individual team members and building cohesive teams.

Employee Development

Inside Insights provides workshops, webinars, and training programs focused on building better workplaces. We offer talent development solutions for employees at all levels. From programs grounded in Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors to options that emphasize key management, leadership, communication and human resources skills, and even Excel and database services, our employee training solutions can positively impact employee behavior, productivity, and organizational culture.

corporate training benefits

Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB)

Looking to demonstrate your knowledge of key Six Sigma concepts and processes? Inside Insights provides access to the 6SigmaStudy Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) online exam prep program and certification exam. The SSGB certification prep program features 180 days of access to comprehensive video instruction and self-study materials delivered in a fully online modular format, as well as a virtual proctored SSGB certification exam. 

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