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Do You Have the Right Personality to Be a Leader?

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Individual Differences and Leadership

While it’s true that leadership roles aren’t right for everyone, it’s important to realize that there isn’t just one right way to lead. Not everyone has the same leadership style or natural tendencies. In fact, people of all personality types can be effective in leadership roles. Regardless of individual differences, everyone who wants to do so can learn how to lead to best practices. Mastering this ability is the key to developing effective leadership skills.

Maximizing Effectiveness With ‘Work of Leaders’

Learning how to move to best practices for strategic leadership starts with improving your understanding of yourself, including developing a realistic understanding of what your natural tendencies are as a leader and how they compare to best practices related the three key elements of leadership, which are (1) vision, (2) alignment and (3) execution.

Reaching your potential as a leader requires:

  • Identifying your “comfort zone” in leadership (i.e., one-to-many) situations

  • Comparing your natural tendencies to best practices

  • Developing an understanding of what you may need to do to maximize your potential for achieving optimal strategic leadership effectiveness.

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment is a powerful, validated tool designed to provide that exact information, along with specific, practical steps necessary to move toward best practices based on individual differences. This is important not just for executives and managers, but for anyone in (or being considered for) a leadership role, whether formal or informal.

Leadership Development that Makes a Difference

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment takes just a few minutes to complete. It can be used as a stand-alone leadership development tool or paired with individual debriefing or group training for maximum benefit.

The assessment uses a validated framework designed to develop natural tendencies to best practices in light of individual DiSC style, resulting in tangible and positive impact for individual leaders and the overall organization. In addition to helping maximize leadership effectiveness on an individual level, this tool can also be a key resource for taking leadership development to the bottom line for any organization.


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