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Attend three Inside Insights webinars for the price of two with our 3-webinar package.


Regular webinar registration is $169 each. With this package, you can attend 3 webinars for just $338 (a $507 value). 


  • Select any 3 webinars from our current webinar schedule
  • Applies to classes in our online event schedule marked with word "Webinar" before the title. 
  • Package cannot be shared among multiple people; the same person must register in all 3 classes


Once your payment is processed, you will be provided with a download that includes instructions for getting registered in your selected events. 



3 Webinar Package

  • 3-Webinar Package

    Once you purchase the 3-webinar package, you'll receive a document with details on how to provide us with the attendees name, email address, and selected webinar topics. 

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